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It is, also, supposed to be a simple and easy to use text editor for beginners. It has some new features such as the 'text finder' (cf. 'find and replace'), the character mapping, the 'delete character', etc. It is available for Microsoft Windows operating systems (i.e., Windows 95, 98, Me, 2000, XP, etc.). Bijoy Bayanno is provided as shareware for free, with the following license. The software and documentation are shareware. This means that you can use the software as you want for free. If you like the software and wish to pay for the software's development, you may do so. You have to send a check, however, to The check must be in the amount of US $100. For every copy of the software that you buy, you must send the check to me. For every additional copy of the software that you make, you must send the check to me. You may not sell or give the software to anyone else. You may not alter, decompile, or reverse-engineer the software. You may not use the software in commercial activities. For commercial activities, contact Bijoy Bayanno has a programmable help file with help-key, which allows searching for help topics and displays it on screen. See also List of text editors References Category:Windows text editors Category:Free text editors Category:Bangladeshi literatureQ: Setting total count from javascript using jquery I have a following jquery to count the number of rows in a table but it is not working as i wish. the following is the html:



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Bijoy Bayanno 2012 Activation Code
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