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Studio Culture

How We Work Together

I commit to teaching you in accordance with the personalized goals you have. I commit to providing you the best care and attention I can and giving you the tools necessary to achieve your goals and fulfill your performing goals with excellence.

Your Privacy

In the studio, we always create a safe space. Singing requires vulnerability. It is very important that you feel safe and supported at all times during our interactions. 

My three most important student-teacher relationship qualities are honesty, trust, and genuineness. Things come up in lessons. Emotional things. You have my trust. Everything that happens inside the studio is confidential. 

I may need to know sensitive information concerning your health if it pertains to your voice. I never write this down or release any information about your health.

Sharing Information

Your privacy is important. There are times I wish to share something about your experience with a student- for instance from a point of common experience or to discuss a particular challenge with another teacher. 

I will do so anonymously or only with your explicit permission. 

All lessons are recorded. If I ever were to need your lesson recording for my website or for a teaching audition video, I will ask your permission. A media release form is included with your signed policies for your convenience.

I expect the same from you. I share a lot of materials via MP3 recordings, PDF, and video. All of these are for your personal use only and I trust you not to share them with anyone else or post them online without my permission.


Payment is expected when you book your session or when you receive your invoice for your Semester or Goal-Based packages.

Semester Students can pay in three different ways: 1. All upfront, 2. Two installments, or 3. monthly. There are no cancelations or reschedules since you are given 6 bonus weeks with this package.

Drop-In Students pay when you book your session. There are no refunds. Our energy and work are valuable and I want to get it right from the start. You will have the option to reschedule at a new time for an additional fee.

Goal-Based Packages receive a contract and payment is offered in installments with a signed contract. 

How Your Payment Works For You

When you book a service please keep in mind that you pay for much more than the time we spend together in your lesson. Here are some things I do for you:

I prepare for each lesson with your goals and needs fervently in mind.

I do research on the repertoire we use, methods we try, and learn new repertoire that you suggest.

I connect you to other resources through maintaining my professional relationships in the Opera Business, Opera America, Atlanta Acting community, Speak Easy Cooperative, National Association of Teachers of Singing, and several online teacher chat groups.

I receive continuing education in different areas of the performing arts to guide you in current industry standards.

I regularly attend performances to stay abreast of local theater opportunities and build relationships with these theaters.

I keep my hardware and software up to date and my knowledge of technology up to date to provide you with a smooth and polished experience.

I pay taxes, fees, and more that are linked to your payment.

Rest assured that your payment will always work for YOU.

When Things Don't Go As Planned

Cancelations/Missing Lessons are determined by the package you purchase. 

In a Semester Package, there are no cancelations or reschedules. You have 32 weeks for 26 lessons. There are 6 Bonus lessons or possibilities for you to miss your lesson with no penalty. If you do not need to cancel, these lessons are a BONUS because you can receive 32 lessons instead of 26! Keep in mind that I also may need to cancel your lesson and use one of the BONUS weeks for myself. If you know of conflicts in advance, please give me as much notice as possible. And as always, a 48-24 hour advance notice is always appreciated when using a Bonus. I will do the same for you.

In a Goal-Based Package, you will have a set number of lessons within a set time that we determine is right for you to reach your goal. During this time, you may need to cancel a lesson or change a lesson. You may do this on the website up to 24 hours before the lesson. After 24 hours, a lesson hour will be deducted from your package. Please note, you are in charge of this administrative task through the website. You can use the MyBookings tab in order to navigate this. Some packages will have a set number of allowed cancelations. Please note this when signing your goal-based package contract. If I need to cancel your lesson I will reach out to you to find an alternate time IF your package does not include bonus weeks. 

Drop-In Lessons can be rescheduled with an additional fee. You will need to cancel your lesson on the website followed by an email to me stating the reason for canceling. You will be given a link to reschedule with a link for new fee payment.  If you don’t take the steps to send an email, no reschedule will be allowed. Please make any requests for rescheduling links within 48 hours of canceling your lesson. 

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