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How Can We Work Together?

You’re ready to put in the work. You just need to know what you’re working toward. 

Maybe you’ve finally gotten hired for that first big role and need guidance with your prep work. (Diction...character development...and oh LORDY, what kind of ornamentation do they want at m. 127?)

Maybe you’ve just finished your master’s and feel a little lost, wondering, “What comes next? What am I even ready for? What do I even want to do?”

Maybe you’re an established performer suffering from anxiety around every gig, mind spiraling so fast that you can’t even hope to be in the moment with your audience. 

Maybe you’re ready to step into that audition room with head high and heart full, eager to share your gifts with whoever is lucky enough to hear you.

Wherever you are in your vocal journey, you know you’re ready for something...more. 
And that’s where I come in. 
Whether through private lessons, role coaching, or college audition guidance, our work together will get you closer to your goals...and closer to that honest, openhearted singing you know, deep down, you were meant to do.

Opera Singer

Voice Lessons

In our lessons together we make a plan for what we want to accomplish and set clear goals to get there.

High notes got you tied up? Done!

Breath is feeling unbalanced? We've Got this! Is your sound feeling unbalanced in certain registers? Ok, normal, not a worry! We will make a plan.

Want to keep your voice in top shape while maintaining a high-profile performance regimen? Yes, I have tips for you to keep you on a healthy vocal journey.

Opera Performance

Role Coaching

I've sung in over 50 operatic productions and have worked with some of the greatest conductors, directors, and teachers.

I know style, cuts, ornaments, and what you need to be aware of going into your first rehearsals. I help you solidify your technique with a dedication to text and motivation of character.

I can help you with memorization techniques and make sure you nail accuracy in your pitch and rhythms.

Female Performer

College Audition Mentoring

Applying to college music programs has a lot of moving parts. Both undergraduate and graduate programs require a system beyond just practicing in order to be accepted.

I help guide you through all steps, from applications, repertoire choices, video submissions, pedagogy teaching statements, personal statement essays and help you meet those deadlines.

I have served on the voice faculty of several universities and have behind the scenes info to help you with scholarship negotiations and help you get seen in a large pool of applicants. 

How do we do it?

Fill out new client info

I look forward to learning about you!

read the FAQ PAGE

Here I answer most of the questions about lessons and expectations.

Book a Discovery Session

We see if we are the right fit and make a decision on how to work together. You'll receive instructions on how to book this once I've received your new client form.

Performer on Smoky Stage

In-Person and Online Lesson Options

I am offering both in-person and online lessons. Please contact me if you wish to have your lesson in-person and I will send you the guidelines and Covid-19 waiver to sign.

Zoom settings for Music Lessons

For the best online lesson experience!

This comprehensive list from Midnight Music is the best I've seen in helping music studios and students get set for online lessons or online auditions.

Once you've booked your session with me, please be sure to follow all of these steps to make your online lesson experience the best it can be. There are steps here that are different from your regular Zoom settings.

Client Raves


"She is truly one of a kind! Fantastic teacher! I studied under her during my time at Kennesaw State University and could not have had a better experience! She is persistent, patient and willing to work through any issues. She was also extremely flexible around my crazy schedule! She was exactly who I needed and will prove to be invaluable to all her students! A++ would recommend to all."


 "I came to Leah in early February and I knew within the first ten minutes of my lesson that she would be the best thing to happen to my voice and my artistry. I learned early on that she has a very organic and almost spiritual way of teaching; she is passionate, straightforward, compassionate, and very realistic. It has been such a privilege to be under her instruction, I would recommend her to anyone a million times over and over again."


"Leah is truly one of the best teachers I have ever worked with....and I've worked with many. Her teaching style is graceful and encouraging and positive, and she makes you feel you can certainly accomplish your goals. Her technique is solid and pedogogically very sound. She knows what she's talking about. She is able to articulate exactly what she wants you to do and help you do it with ease. I enjoy her lessons very much! Sophia Priolo, Soprano"

Morgan Elise

"She is an incredible teacher. She cares just as much about my voice as she does my person. She pushed me to be the singer she knows I can be while still supporting me as a teenager. I am growing so much as a person, taking lessons from her. She is a remarkable woman and I'm proud to know her."

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