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Let me answer your questions.

How Do I Start?

Fill out the New Client Info Form. This form will help you know what type of things I think are important to consider when investing in voice lessons.

After you've submitted the form, go straight ahead to book the 70-90 minute Discovery Session where we sing and you discover my teaching style and I discover your learning style. During this lesson, I will determine if we are a good fit and let you know how we can move forward.

Usually, we sit on it for a few days to process all of the information. Remember, I am highly invested in my students. I want your commitment too! Therefore, no hasty decisions.

Once we've had our Discovery Session and we know we are a good fit, we'll decide the best way to move forward. ~ Drop In's, Semester Plan, or a Customized Goal-Based Package.
I'll send you your options. You'll make a choice. I'll send you your contract (usually a minimum four-month commitment).

Once you've signed and I received your first payment we can begin our work together.

Have questions? Be sure to read the rest of this page. Still, have questions? You can send me a message on the contact form on this website. I will do my best to respond in a timely manner during my office hour.

Who Can Be a Part of the Studio?

Singers, Actors, Businessy-People, Leaders, Voice Teachers, Choir Directors, Stage Directors, and all other folks wanting to understand how to use their voice and find their true authentic sound.

I focus my studio on students ages 15 and up. 

Serious beginners, professional artists, avocational performers who have a love and curiosity for learning are all welcome, but I do specialize in those with experience behind them who want to level up their game.

I'm considered to be a teacher who likes to make a plan and work towards some serious goals with passion and dedication. So, if you are a dabbler, I'm probably not the type for you. That's just me. But, I am eager to discuss your ideas and direct you to another place if we are not the right fit! So, get in touch.

How Much?

Your experience is yours and is personalized just for you and your needs.

Semester Packages (9-month commitment) starting around $425 a month and it includes A LOT of goodies like extra master classes, asynchronous and synchronous lesson time, and possible recitals, online zoom sings with the rest of the studio, and more.

Project-Goal-Based Packages require at least a 3-4 month commitment and are built for a specific project and budget. They usually start @$800-$1200. However, I am always conscious of budgets and try to work with you.

My Discovery Session is $175 and you should plan to use 70-90 minutes to get to know me and my teaching. You may also use this session to discuss your career plans and to seek guidance on your career direction if you do not want a traditional voice lesson.

I do offer drop In's on a First Come-First Serve basis after you have had your Discovery Session. You reserve your goal-specified session with a $130, prepaid, non-refundable retainer.

What Kind of Training do You Offer?

Singing, Aural Skills, Acting, Public Speaking, Presentation Skills, Audition, and Role Prep in Opera and Musical Theater.

I can offer coaching on how to establish yourself as a Portfolio Artist which means how you create your own path to singing publicly and how to charge for it.

I also offer coaching on resume building, websites, social media, and headshot selection and can guide you to many resources in the Atlanta area and beyond.

Workshops with other artists are often offered when artists I know are in town working with the Symphony, Opera, or on a movie set.

What About You?

Who Trained You?

I received my Master's of Music in Voice Performance and Pedagogy at The Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University and studied with Virginia Zeani. She was my BEL CANTO mentor. She helped me become an opera singer and gave me incredible knowledge of style in Italian and French repertoire. I studied with her for 10 years. She's a legend, having performed in the 1940's -1960's during the big renaissance of Rossini, Bellini, and Donizetti. Check her out.

I have studied with the following people over the course of my career and continue to take lessons out of my curiosity for different methods of teaching and desire to learn.
Renata Scotto
Patricia Sage
Mary Dunleavy
Courtenay Collins Eckhardt (CCM)
Judith Natalucci

My education:

MM in Voice Performance from Indiana University and recipient of the Wilfred C. Bain Opera Fellowship

BM in Music Performance at Mercer University

Bridging Classical to CCM at Shenandoah University course.

YTT 200 hr from Yoga Works in NYC

I am a member of The National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS) and The Speakeasy Cooperative.

What Are Some Benefits of Studying with You?

1. I know the voice. I've lived the life of a traveling performer and had success on the national and international stage for the past 20 years.

2. I understand what it takes to reach the top of one's game and I understand the obstacles that will come. And, they come.

3. I've performed and worked with some of the greatest singers, conductors, and directors currently working in the industry. I can pick up the phone to ask leaders in the industry questions I don't know. Management needs, issues? I got it.

4. An important part of my job is knowing how the industry is changing and how to adapt to those changes. I subscribe to many publications and private industry social media groups. I am informed.

5. My cozy and state of the art studio is conveniently located in mid-town Atlanta near Atlantic Station. 

6. I have a Jack Russell who may appear at your lesson from time to time. Think of him as a voice therapy dog. He knows what it is like to be on stage too. He performed with the Atlanta Opera as Musetta's dog in 2015. He's had a big ego ever since.

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