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 "The world is full of great singers.

How are you going to honor your unique gifts? 

Establishing why you sing and your VOCAL IDENTITY is the key to performance success and sticking out above the rest. And I'll be quite honest, LOVING YOURSELF is the key component."





Hire Me To Sing


I've been singing professionally for 20 years. There is nothing I love more than working with you on a project, show, or recording. 

If you are interested in hiring me for an opera, please reach out to my management with the button below.

If you have other projects you'd like to discuss, just send me a message through the contact form on this site. I'd love to discuss how I can use my voice to serve your needs. 

 Learn To Sing


You've got a voice and the world needs to hear it. I can help you learn to use your voice to the fullest by inspiring you to discover all the possibilities of your vocal rage, color, and levels of expression.

Establish YOUR vocal Identity! 

Located in Atlanta in West Midtown and online.

Click on Voice Studio in the menu for details on how to get started or keep scrolling below.

Group Learning


I can make tailor-made videos for your students on a variety of musical subjects. I love being in the classroom and adding to your classroom learning process is a joy!

With current technology I can appear through Zoom or I can make personal videos guiding students through my tried and true exercises.

Opera Companies and Choral Directors have used these videos in recent months to help give additional instruction on posture, breathing, phonation, registration, and performance anxiety.


A Singer, Voice Teacher, Yoga, and Garden Enthusiast dedicated to the muse of music and to helping others discover the authenticity of their voices and what inspires them to create.

I'm so glad you are here! My inner joy is expressed through music, growing flowers, and sharing with others.  My vocation is to help my students learn to be solid musicians while exploring what makes them unique.  

I was one of those kids who couldn't stop singing and by the age of 9, I taught myself how to play the piano from a book my mom had and a chart I made for our old upright with my Dad's recycled computer punch cards. (Don't know what those are? Check out these dinosaurs!) My parents quickly got me into lessons and for the last 20 years, I have been singing opera, concerts, and recitals on international stages. 

I pride myself on quality performances, upbeat educational videos, and inspirational teaching. I hope you'll check out all of my offers while you are here. You can reach out to my management for larger productions, hire me for local projects, and join my studio while also seeing what I am up to with my gardening projects. Thank you for stopping by.  To learn more about me and why I do what I do, click below.



How I can help

I want to help singers find their authentic voice. This means first developing a strong, reliable technique that will allow you a variety of color choices and means of expression. 

Second, I want singers to learn to be their best cheerleaders. I want them to walk into auditions, negotiations, and INTO LIFE with confidence and an over-riding sense of purpose, knowing WHY they sing and WHAT makes them the best artist they can be.

Third, I want to instill in singers the tools necessary to be agreeable and collaborative without giving up on what makes them authentic. Finding it and living it is no easy quest, but I'm here for it.



5 Platforms of the Body to Support YOUR UNIQUE SOUND

Having a good understanding of your body is a fantastic way to up your game on stage. Have you ever noticed there are just some performers you can't take your eyes off of in a group on stage? Find out how to optimize 5 platforms of your body to engage better with your breath, tone, and ultimately with YOUR UNIQUE sound.




"She is truly one of a kind! Fantastic teacher! I studied under her during my time at Kennesaw State University and could not have had a better experience! She is persistent, patient and willing to work through any issues. She was also extremely flexible around my crazy schedule! She was exactly who I needed and will prove to be invaluable to all her students! A++ would recommend to all."


"Leah is incredibly talented and has connected with our daughter on both voice and piano.  Our daughter has made incredible progress in a short period of time, and eagerly anticipates the lessons each week."


 "I came to Leah in early February and I knew within the first ten minutes of my lesson that she would be the best thing to happen to my voice and my artistry. I learned early on that she has a very organic and almost spiritual way of teaching; she is passionate, straightforward, compassionate, and very realistic. It has been such a privilege to be under her instruction, I would recommend her to anyone a million times over and over again."


"Leah is truly one of the best teachers I have ever worked with....and I've worked with many. Her teaching style is graceful and encouraging and positive, and she makes you feel you can certainly accomplish your goals. Her technique is solid and pedogogically very sound. She knows what she's talking about. She is able to articulate exactly what she wants you to do and help you do it with ease. I enjoy her lessons very much! Sophia Priolo, Soprano"


"She is an incredible teacher. She cares just as much about my voice as she does my person. She pushed me to be the singer she knows I can be while still supporting me as a teenager. I am growing so much as a person, taking lessons from her. She is a remarkable woman and I'm proud to know her."


"She's incredibly warm and has a way of making me feel at ease, even when I would ordinarily be nervous. Leah is very supportive, and very positive, but not at the expense of honest, critical assessment that is the foundation of improvement. She will tell me when I do something well, and help me fix something when it's not as good as it could be. I've found her teaching style to be very adaptive and tailored to my voice's particular quirks and foibles (and probably my own personal quirks as well), rather than a "one-size-fits-all" approach that I've seen with teachers in the past. I've had teachers who sing beautifully, but who can't explain what they're doing, or how to do it any way other than the way they know; Leah is not one of those teachers. She sings beautifully, absolutely, but she gives you a lot of different ways to think about things and to approach technique so that you can find what works for you. Overall, I can't recommend Leah highly enough."



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