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Growing Grounded Voices


What do I do?

Cultivating Voice, Mind, and Business

I work with established singers to achieve an understanding of vocal technique, security in their performing mindset, and assertive business skills so that they can excel in the evolving music industry in order to have a sustainable career in music while feeling grounded and unique.

How are you going to honor your unique gifts?

What does it mean to “establish your creative identity?” To be creative in the first place? How do you learn how to be authentically yourself? And how do you learn to take all the things that make you you...and somehow turn them

That’s what I help singers to do--to make peace with their many pieces. Over the years, I’ve learned that too much compartmentalization dilutes your art and dulls your shine. To fully create their art, musicians need to be whole--and wholly love themselves.

Establishing why you sing and discovering your vocal identity are vital to success and longevity as a performer. And, I'll be quite honest, loving yourself is the key component.

Ready to say yes to yourself?

Let’s find a way to work together.


Let's Work Together


 Learn To Sing

The Voice Studio
Singing Lessons

You've got a voice, and the world needs to hear it. I can help you learn to use your voice to the fullest by inspiring you to discover all the possibilities of your vocal range, color, and expression levels. I will polish your voice and get you to the next level in your career. Singing lessons will be fun again, trust me.

Establish YOUR vocal Identity! 

Located in Atlanta in West Midtown and worldwide online.

Click on Voice Studio in the menu for details on how to get started or keep scrolling below.


Hire Me To Sing

Opera, Musical Theater, Cabaret, and Voice Over

I've been singing professionally for more than 20 years. There is nothing I love more than working with you on a project, show, or recording. 

If you are interested in hiring me for an opera, please contact my management with the button below.

If you have other projects you'd like to discuss, send me a message through the contact form on this site. I'd love to discuss how I can use my voice to serve your needs. 


Hello, I'm Leah

I'm so glad you are here! My inner joy is expressed through making music, growing flowers, and sharing with others. My vocation is helping singers become capable, confident musicians while embracing what makes them unique.

I was one of those kids who couldn't stop singing and by the age of 9, I taught myself how to play the piano from a book my mom had and a chart I made for our old upright with my Dad's recycled computer punch cards. (Don't know what those are? Check out these dinosaurs!) My parents quickly got me into lessons and for the last 20 years, I have been singing opera, concerts, and recitals on international stages. 

I value heartfelt performances and inspirational teaching. Most recently, I've added my love of gardening and floral design to my daily mix of artistic expression and work. You may find it fun to know that all of my flowers make their start in the basement of my music studio where they soak up all the delicious singing vibrations from everyone who sings here!

I hope you'll check out all of my offers while you are here. You can reach out to my management for larger productions, hire me for local projects, and join my studio while also seeing what I am up to with my gardening projects. Thank you for stopping by.  To learn more about me and why I do what I do, click below.

Black and White Star in Circle

I unequivocally support Black, LGBTQIA+, Asian, Latinx, Indigenous, Neuro-Diverse, and Differently-Abled lives. I am committed to the long haul and to finding ways to allow the art I make to support the teaching and consistent work it takes to unlearn our prejudices, become anti-racist, and usher forth justice to all groups who are systemically oppressed and targeted. It is important to acknowledge our failings and strive to be imperfect allies as we commit to infiltrating our art with stories that shed light on this topic.


Y'all come!!!



Miguel Rodriguez


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