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Worthiness of the Imposter

The buzzword phrase of the moment is imposter syndrome. Have you heard it? Do you have it?

Imposter syndrome is that feeling you get that says you are a fraud or that you really don't have any business being in the place that you are in.

Chances are that at some point along your creative journey you will feel a sense of inadequateness. Mine usually crept in while standing outside the audition room door hearing another soprano sing my aria with ease and grace while I doubted what was even going to come out of my mouth. Good times. *eyeroll*

Or even worse when I was cast opposite someone I admired and felt the casting department had made a mistake. *actually happened*

How do we establish worthiness in ourselves when the voices inside our heads defy us and our strong feelings of unworthiness are winning the race?

There's some good news here and some other good news that comes with some hard stuff.

The good news is that you do not have to stay in this yucky place of self-doubt. There is a way out. Yay! Tell me...

Okay. Another good news is that there are steps to take and work that can be done to help mitigate these feelings. The part that's hard is that ONLY YOU can do this work for you. But I'd like to add that over the years I have come to enjoy this work and this is why: You get to focus on things you love and feelings you love. You get to cultivate caring for yourself and nurturing your needs. Think of it like taking yourself out on a fabulous date or my favorite, I treat myself like I treat my sweet dog!